David Alden Baker, DDS - Meet Dr. Yassin

Dr. Alan Yassin DDS MS MSD

Periodontist and Dental Surgeon


We are excited to announce Dr. Alan Yassin, a University of Washington graduate to our office! 

Dr. Yassin is one of not too many dental surgeons that are dual trained in both Periodontics and Oral Surgery.

Influenced by his father as a doctor and his older sister as a dentist; Dr. Yassin knew that he wanted to be a dental surgeon when he was 14 and worked hard to achieve his goal!

Dr. Yassin has completed nine additional full years of postgraduate dental education in formal university programs over and above the average dental graduate for a total of 15 years of higher education after graduating from high school as a valedictorian.

Dr. Yassin has several publications and articles in refereed and in peer-reviewed journals.

Away from his professional life, Dr. Yassin spends the quality time with the family and enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, playing soccer, singing, and photography with his wife Layla and his 6 years old son Medo.